Saturday, January 17, 2015

Weeding the Virtual Garden, or Staging My Own Cyber Intervention

Recently, it occurred to me that I have been spending more time roaming around writer cyberspace than doing any actual writing.

In truth, I have become a twitter-addicted, blog-brained, cyber-junkie!

Oh, the shame!

While my "research" has yielded valuable insight into the agenting and publishing worlds, wise advice on craft, and timely information on contests, challenges, and events, it has also consumed massive amounts of quality writing time (which is scarce for this working mom).

Something has to give.

Notice I said give, not give up.

Just try to take my Twitter away now, and the results wouldn't be pretty.


I'm not kidding.


My Two-Step Solution?


1. Keep ONLY those cyber activities that are absolutely essential to my growth as a writer and my current writing goals and projects



2. Create parameters for using them

Disclaimer to self: Parameters subject to change with writing focus and priorities.


Well I can't do either of those unless I have clearly defined my current writing goals and priorities, so I guess it's actually a Three-Step Solution.

Here are my immediate goals:
  • Write a mystery piece for the Highlights Fiction contest
  • Finish and revise CB version of a PB manuscript per request of publisher
  • Find an agent
  • Submit finished PB manuscripts
Not-quite-immediate goals:
  • Write new PB biography based on research already completed
  • Continue writing poems for themed collection
  • Continue working on MG historical fiction and YA realistic fiction WIPs
  • Submit completed poems and short stories to magazines
With my goals in mind, here is a sampling of my Absolute Essentials:
  • Twitter 
A sampling of my "parameters"

- on Twitter, follow only hashtags and people/groups related to current goals and projects (#mswl, #picturebooks, kidlit agents, etc.) AND limit my time to one hour total each day.

-catch up on blogs only twice a week

-no new challenges until I reach my goals!!!

Well, there you have it folks! With this simple Three-Step-Program, you, too, can be cured of your nasty, little cyber habit.

And if you happen to see me like this...

Remind me to get back on the wagon!

Happy writing, y'all,

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